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Protocols and Reports

Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Organizations, February 4-6, 2005, Pleven, Bulgaria

Participants and structure

This was the 4th meeting of the member organizations, after Nesebar, Bulgaria (where the Balkan Federation was founded), Tekirdag, Turkey, and Sophia, Bulgaria. Participants were: Kosto Kostov, President of the Federation, Stephan Stephanov, President of the Bulgarian National Beekeeping Association, Petko Zlatev, President and Mircea Goce Nastosky, Vice President of the Macedonian Beekeeping Association, Stefan Manea, economic director, Laurentiu Rosu, and Bogdan Poncea, scientific researchers, Romanian Beekeeping Association, Selami Durak, Vice President, Turkish Beekeeping Association, Cristian Constantinescu and Paula Bunea, FIITEA. Stephan Stephanov (Bulgaria) was elected Secretary General of the Federation. The Federation has four Commissions: Apitherapy (headed by Teko Ivanov, Bulgaria); Breeding and Pathology (headed by Laurentiu Rosu, Romania); Marketing (Turkey has to nominate); Pollinating (Macedonia has to nominate); Technology (Serbia has to nominate).

Issues discussed and objectives
  1. The legal registration in Bulgaria of the Balkan Federation will be performed by the end of March 2005, provided that all members airmail the Court requested documents by March 15, 2005;
  2. Upon request, FIITEA was unanimously accepted as a member of the Balkan Federation. By this move it is accepted that FIITEA is part of Apimondia Federation and in exchange Balkan Federation requests the quality of Apimondia membership. This will be done at the Congress in Dublin, Ireland;
  3. In view of Bulgaria and Romania joining the E.U in the near future and to comply with the E.U. Regulations for honey exports into the E.U. market and to allow the other federation members also benefit, the Balkan Federation is prepared to embark on a project to build a laboratory on honey quality tests/authorization. To this end the Federation is kindly requesting the assistance of Apimondia both in recommending a consultant for the project and to support this initiative for financial regional grant from the European Union;
  4. Veterinary products made in the member countries to be recognized and registered in all the Federation member countries. All members are requested to submit within the Federation Commissions their subjects for projects by the end of April 2005;
  5. Joint action to promote/advertise the consumption of beekeeping products.
  6. Concentrate on education and hygiene handling of honey from producers and to develop the artificial insemination centers;
  7. Pollinating of wild crops for biodiversity. Entomophilies crops;
  8. Assistance to beekeepers and bio-producers through grants and specialized literature and lectures;
  9. Actions to promote and organize a good participation of beekeepers at Apimondia Congress in Dublin, Ireland.
Future meetings

It was decided that the next Federation meeting should take place in Belgrade in the period of October 7-8, 2005. The largest and best-known honey fair in the whole region will take place in Belgrade at the same time.