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Protocols and Reports

Protocol of the Meeting of the Board Confederation of Beekeeping Associations,
4-6 October 2007, Belgrad, Serbia

Between 04 and 06.10.2007 during the Beekeeping Exhibition in Belgrade, a Regular Meeting of the Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Associations was held, as some of the main issues, related to the Federation’s activity were discussed.

The meeting was attended by the managers of the Beekeeping Unions and Associations of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and the Institute of Apimondia from Bucharest. The representatives of the Greek and Turkish associations were absent for justified reasons.

The managers of Beekeeping associations of other Balkan countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia – attended the meeting as guests. A notice was received from the Albanian beekeeping association, stating that they also wish to become member of the Balkan Federation.

The meeting was chaired by the Federation’s President – Kosta Kostov. The results of the first Congress of the federation, held in Istanbul were discussed according to the agenda. Gratitude was expressed towards the Chairman of the Turkish beekeeping association – Mr. Mustafa Sarioglu and the Director General of the Apimondia Institute in Bucharest – Mr. Christian Constantinesku for their merits for the good organizing of the congress.

An agreement was reached for coordination of the schedules for holding the national beekeeping conventions in the Balkan Federation’s member-states and for working for establishment of conditions for participation of all countries with stands at the exhibitions.

Special attention was paid to rendering assistance for the organization of visits of the beekeepers from the member-states, by organizing not only visits to the exhibitions but also exchange of experience between model apiaries in those countries.

Discussions took place of the possibilities for participation with a collective stand of the Balkan Federation at European exhibitions, such as “Green Week” in Berlin etc., in order to promote the beekeeping and beekeeepers’ activities on the Balkans.

A discussion took place also for the initiation of operations for the organization of courses in apitherapy, with the participation of doctors from all states members of the Federation.

Mr K. Konstantinesku was thanked for the development of the Balkan federation’s website. The country representatives agreed to a provide information on a regular basis for the updating of that website.

The schedule for the Balkan Federation’s operations in 2008 was discussed, paying particular attention to the activities of the six workgroups – of Biology and Pathology, Technology, Apitherapy, Melliferous plants, Marketing and Relations with the European Union.

A decision was made to discuss and adopt members of the Federation the new applicants from the Balkan countries, at the next meeting.

The schedule for the Balkan Federation’s operations in 2008 was adopted.

First meeting – February – April 2008
  1. Discussing the proposals for holding border-side events, financed by National and European Funds. Speakers: The chairmen of the national associations.
  2. Discussing the possibilities for holding a scientific symposium on the health status of the bee families. Speakers: The chairmen and the Secretary General.
  3. Discussing the possibilities for organizing collective events with beekeepers, when holding the national conventions in the Federation’s member-states. Speakers: The chairmen and the Secretary General.
  4. Discussing the proposals for adopting new members of the Federation. Speakers: the Secretary General.
  5. Discussing the work for the maintenance and updating the Federation’s website. Speakers: The vice-president K. Konstanitensku.
Second meeting – September – October 2008
  1. Discussing the possibilities for the participation of the Balkan Federation with a collective stand at the exhibition in Kiev during the “Apislavia” congress. Speakers: The chairmen and the Secretary General.
  2. Discussing the proposals of the Secretary’s Office of the Balkan Federation for the organization of a training course of doctors – apitherapists from the member-states. Speakers: the Secretary General.
  3. Discussing the course of preparations for the joint anniversary congress of “Apislavia” and the 2nd congress of the Balkan Federation. Speakers: The chairman K. Kostov
  4. Discussing the possibilities for holding a scientific symposium on the new technologies and new equipment to be introduced to the beekeeping practices. Speakers: The chairmen and the Secretary General.
  5. Discussing and adopting the Federation’s Schedule for 2009. Speakers: the Secretary General.

President: K. Kostov
Secretary General: St. Stefanov