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Protocols and Reports

Protocol of the Meeting of the Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Associations in
Bucharest, April 27-30, 2006

On April 27-30, 2006, the General Meeting of the Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Associations took place.

Representatives of the following Associations and Beekeeping Organizations participated:
  1. Beekeepers’ Association of Bulgaria - 1899 - Kosta Kostov, Stefan Stefanov
  2. Beekeeping Association of Macedonian Republic (FYROM for Greece) - Petko Zlatev
  3. Beekeepers’ Association of Romania - Eugen Zorici, Petru Moraru, Laurentiu Rosu
  4. Beekeepers’ Association of Serbia-Montenegro – Zivoslav Stojanovic, Milijko Sljivic, Milenko Radosavovic.
  5. Beekeepers’ Association of Turkey – Mustafa Sarioglu, Melda Koksal, Nihan Komak, Ahmet Turan Otlu, Huseyn Caliskan, Amala Ibrahim.
  6. Beekeepers’ Association of Greece – Gerasimos Kragias, Stella Papanastasiou
  7. FIITEA – Apimondia Foundation– Cristian Constantinescu, Marta Giogia


The meeting was opened by Mr. Kosta Kostov, president of hte Balkan Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations, who, after opening remarks, announced the agenda of the General Meeting.
  1. Analysis of documents necessary for the legal registration of the Federation;
  2. Approval of statute by the founding members;
  3. Approval of the guidelines for the organization of Balkan Federation Congresses;
  4. Electing a censor;
  5. Choosing the place to host the first Congress of hte Balkan Federation and the period of time;
  6. Organizing Working Commissions.

1. Delegates presented the status of the documents requested for the registration of the Balkan Federation. These are: Court decision on the registration of the Association and the appointment of the signatory person as president of the Association; a document certifying the present situation of the beekeepers’ organization; a document of agreement on participation of the Association to the Balkan Federation of Beekeepers’ Association; a copy of the passport; a sample of signature.

Most delegates could not present a full set of documents. Consequently, the General Meeting decided that by May 30, 2006, all documents should be sent to Sofia, to the Secretary General Stefan Stefanov. The Balkan Federation will be registered and have as founding members the organizations that will meet the terms by May 30, 2006.

2. Approval of the statute of the Balkan Federation.
Each article in the Statute is examined and approved by open vote. Changes are made as all articles in the Statute are examined. The General Meeting votes unanimously the Statute of the Balkan Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations.
In conformity with Art. 34 of the Statute, the Board of Directors has the following componence:
Elected President: Kosta Gheorgiev Kostov, Bulgaria
Elected Vicepresident: Mustafa Sarioglu, Turkey
Elected Vicepresident: Cristian Constantinescu, FIITEA Apimondia, Romania
Elected Secretary General: Stefan Marinov Stafanov, Bulgaria

3. Guideliens of the organization of the Balkan Federation Congresses
Cristian Constantinescu, FIITEA – Apimondia presents the material and asks for comments or changes. There are no comments. The General Meeting votes unanimously, by open vote, the Guidelines of the Organization of Congresses of the Balkan Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations. FIITEA Apimondia is mandated to work with organizers and provide support in the organization and development of the Congresses of the Balkan Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations.

4. Electing the censor
The President of the Balkan Federation, Kosta Kostov, proposes that in conformity with Art. 43 of the Statute a censor should be elected. He also proposes for censor Mr. Petco Zlatev, President of the Beekeepers’ Association of Macedonian Republic (FYROM for Greece). No other proposal existed. The proposal is subjected to vote and is apporoved unanimously.

5. Choosing the place to host the first Congress of the Balkan Federation of Apiculture and the period of time
In conformity with the Guidelines approved, the Congresses of the Balkan Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations are organized every two years, in between the Apimondia Congresses.

Taking into account however the short period of time left until the end of 2006, the General Meeting decides to make an exception and approves unanimously the time period March 29 – April 1 2007.
Proposals are made for the place to host the first Congress.
Turkey presents its candidature for the town of Edirne.
Bulgaria withdraws its candidature for Sofia.
For discussion remains Turkey with the town of Edirne.
It is subjected to vote.

By unanimousl vote, Turkey and the town of Edirne is approved.

The President of the Federation and the entire meeting congratulates the Turkish delegation for the election.
The General Meeting, in consultation with the Turkish side, decides that the visit for the inspection of facilities in the town of Edirne provided for the Congress shold take place on June 1 – 4, 2006

6. Organization of Working Commission
Secretary General Stefan Stefanov leads the discussions. He proposes the organization of the following Commissions (according to the voted Statute, art.25):
  • Technology Commission,
  • Biology-pathology Commission
  • Apitherapy Commission
  • Marketing Commission
  • Melliferous Base Commission
Vicepresident Constantinescu proposes a new Commission on the strategy for integration into the European Union, taking into account that Greece is already a EU member, that Romania and Bulgaria may become members starting 01.01.2007, and that the other countries are candidates for accession.

He also proposes that the Commission should be attributed to Greece, as a EU member state country that knows the problems.
In conformity with the voted Statute, each commission will have a president and members from the countries except the country of the president.

Each commission is proposed to a member of the Federation as follows:
  • Technology Commission – Association of Serbia and Montenegro;
  • Bio-pathology Commission – Association of Romania;
  • Apytherapy - Association of Bulgaria;
  • Marketing Commission – Association of Turkey;
  • Melliferous Base Commission – Association of Macedonian Republic (FYROM for Greece)
  • Commission on strategy for EU integration – Association of Greece.
It is subjected to vote and voted unanimously.
Secretary General Stefan Stefanov proposes that each member of the Federation should appoint a president of Commission and member for the other six Commissions.

He also proposes that each Commission should set a working schedule for the organization of the Congress in Edirne. The deadline proposed is May 30, 2006.

The presidents and members of each Commission shall send to the Secretary General’s Office (Bulgaria), their info (CV, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, address).

Mr. Stefanov, as Secretary General, proposes that each Commission should organize its activity and inform the Secretary General’s Office every three months, starting June 2006, through a report.

It is subjected to vote and unanimously voted. Conclusions:

May 30– form the Commissions; June 30 – communicate program to the Secretary General’s Office;
September 30 – receive summaries of papers to be presented at the Congress in Edirne.