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Protocol 4 September 2004, Nesebar, Bulgaria

Today, 4th of September 2004, in Nesebar, Bulgaria took place the meeting of the National Beekeeping Association from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey discussing the proposal initiated by Bulgaria and Turkey to set up a Balkan Federation of the national Beekeeping Association from this area.

There were analyzed and approved the main purposes and tasks of the new organization. After discussions they approved the following:
  1. The Beekeeping Association from Bulgaria has the task of preparing the project of the Federation which has to be send to all members by the end of 20.09.2004.
  2. At the end of September, but no longer then the 10th of October a meeting will take place in the city of Tekerdar, Turkey for discussing and completing the project and other documents necessary for setting up the Federation.
  3. The Federation will organize her activity into 4 sections:
    • Technology
    • Biology and pathology
    • Apitherapy
    • Marketing
  4. The official languages of the Federation will be English and Bulgarian. The correspondence will be made in one of these languages at the decision of the parts.
  5. The Federation is open to (registration) any other country from the Balkans. Receiving will be made at the consent of all countries members of the Federation.
  6. At the meeting we agreed that the General Secretary will be in Sofia, Bulgaria. The general meeting will take place at list once a year. The President will be chosen once every two years. It has been decided that the first President should be from Bulgaria, the second from Turkey and then from each country member in cyrillic alphabetic order.
  7. It has been decided that the Federation’s Constitution documents will be signed in Sofia at the 23th of October 2004; here between 23-25th of October 2004 will take place the National Assembly of Beekeeping from Bulgaria.
For Bulgaria
For Macedonia
For Romania
For Serbia Montenegro
For Turkey