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Protocols and Reports

Protocol of the Board of Directors of the Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Unions,
Pleven, Bulgaria, February 07, 2005

Today February 7 year 2005, in Pleven City, Bulgaria the Board of Directors of the Balkan Federation of the Bee-keeping Unions had a meeting. The following members attended:
  1. Kosta Kostov – President
  2. Selami Durak – Vice-president
  3. Stefan Stefanov – General Director
  4. Mircha Nastovski – a member
Petko Zlatev – Director of the Supervising Council, Miliko Shlivic – a member of the Supervising Council, as well as Mania Stefan and Laurenciu Roshu – representatives of the Bee-keeping Association in Romania, also took part in the meeting. Mr. Cristian Constantinescu – Director to the Institute of Apimondia in Bucharest and Mrs. Paulina Bunia – Editor of the same Institute attended and participated in the meeting as its guests.

  1. Discussing and deciding on who the coordinators of the commissions would be, according to art.25 from the Status of the Federation, and what would be the main goals of each commission.
  2. Looking at the request of the foundation “International Institute of Technology and Economics in the Bee-keeping” of Apimondia in Bucharest for its acceptance as a member of the Balkan Federation of the Bee-keeping Unions.
After discussing the issues mentioned above, the members of the Board of Directors – with no exceptions – agreed on the following

  1. Coordinator of the biology and pathology commission would be eng. Laurenciu Roshu – scientific co-worker in the Institute of Bee-keeping Exploration in Bucharest.
  2. Coordinator of the technology commission would be Dr. Slavomir Popovic from Belgrad – Dr. in the sphere of technological sciences.
  3. Coordinator of the pollination of honey-bearing vegetation commission would be doc. Dr. Hrisula Kiprianova from Skopie City.
  4. Coordinator of the apitherapy commission would be Ceko Ivanov from the “Institute of Livestock breeding science” in Sofia City.
  5. Mr. Selami Durak was determined to be the one to cooperate in short term for determining the Coordinator of the marketing commission. He will be in charge of contacting the Turkish Bee-keeping Union and make sure that they would send the names of the specialist to be appointed in the Secretariat in Sofia City.
  6. The coordinators of the commissions, with the help of the bee-keeping unions, will be in charge of determining the specialists who are going to work in the national commissions on all of the topics of concern of each of the commissions and sending their names and addresses in the Secretariat in Sofia Sity. Deadline – 15.03.2005
  7. The Coordinators of the commissions together with the members of the national commissions will be in charge of sending to the Secretariat in Sofia City their own suggestions on the topics they think will be appropriate for discussion and development of mutual projects. Deadline – 30.04.2005
  8. The following suggestion made be Mr. M.Shlivic was accepted by the Board: to send in the Secretariat in Sofia City the information about the topics and the time for the National Bee-keeping gatherings and exhibitions that would take place in any of the member countries. Deadline – 15.03.2005
  9. The Board of Directors has also accepted the suggestion of the Serbian Bee-keeping Union that was made on the gathering in Belgrad on 07-08.10.2004.
    The suggestion is: to organizes a counter which would represent the Balkan Federation of the Bee-keeping Unions. Therefore each country should send to the Secretariat in Sofia City its own suggestion for its abilities to participate and if participating which of its own products would the country want to have put on the counter. Deadline – 30.06.2005
  10. The Board of Directors agreed on the acceptance of the foundation “International Institute of Technology and Economics in the Bee-keeping” of Apimondia in Bucharest as a new member of the Balkan Federation of the Bee-keeping Unions. This decision of the Board of Directors in supposed to be discussed and confirmed on the first General Meeting of the Federation – according to art.27 from the Status.
The Board of Directors would kindly ask the management of the Federation to cooperate for the creation of a certified, legal laboratory that would operate within the requirements of the EU. The aim of this laboratory would be to help in the improvement of the technological control regarding the production of new bee products and their realization on the European markets.

In the end of the meeting Mr. Stefan Stefanov got the participants familiar with some of the main topics that may be of concern regarding the development of projects that will be made by the commissions.

After all the topics from the agenda were already discussed the meeting was closed.

President, Kosta Kostov
Gen. Secretary, Stefan Stefanov