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Guide for the Organization and Operation of the Congress of Balkan Federation of
Beekeepers' Associations

Organization, participation and periodicity:
The Congresses of the Balkan Beekeeping Federation are open for participation as a priority to all beekeepers in the Federation member-states. Also, researchers in beekeeping, manufacturers of beekeeping equipment and products, as well as traders and distributors of such products. Participation is also open to beekeepers and traders from other geographical areas.

Congresses will be held every two years starting the middle of September until the middle of November. Congress years will be the ones in between the Apimondia Congresses. In setting the date, duplication with other major beekeeping events will be avoided both at regional level, and, as much as possible, at international level.
Congress organization will be made in cooperation with a specialized agency agreed on by the members of the Balkan Federation.

The congress must provide local organizers and the Balkan Federation a profit that should support /fund the activities and meetings of the Balkan Federation members. Participation fee must include 15% to get to the budget of the Federation. The total amount for the Balkan Federation must not be less than 30 thousand Euro.

Representatives of the Federation members will inspect the location of the Congress, and the conditions for accommodation, including the guarantees and facilities provided by the governmental departments responsible. The organizing country must have the possibility to provide accommodation in nearby hotels and meeting hall for the plenary sessions for minimum 2,000-3,000 seats. Also, facilities must be provided (closed heated space if necessary or a combination of closed and open space) for the BalkanExpo that should accommodate approximately 100 exhibit stands.

The authorities of the organizing country must guarantee access to participants and not deny, without justification, entry visas.
This element is decisive as regards granting the right to organize the Congress of the Balkan Federation of Beekeeper Associations.

It is preferable that the location of Congresses should be established by rotation amongst the Balkan Federation member states. The decision belongs to the representatives of member states brought together by one of their joint meetings.
Congress languages will be: English and Russian.

Purpose and duration:
The main purpose of the Congress is to allow direct contacts between beekeepers, researchers, manufacturers of beekeeping equipment, and traders. The topics for debate in the plenary sessions shall be primarily practical , including applications typical to the area of Balkan countries.

Congresses shall last two, maximum three days, as much as possible at the end of the week. In principle, Friday starts in the afternoon and includes participant registration, Balkanexpo inauguration and the opening ceremony of the Congress.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be the plenary sessions to proceed based on themes and a program previously agreed upon at the level of Balkan Federation management. On Sunday evening, there will be the closing ceremony, followed by a reception. Monday is dedicated to participants’ departure.
Ceremonies shall take into account the character/local traditions and willbe organized at minimum costs.

The organizing country must ensure that there are facilities for the accommodation of all categories both in hotels, and in motels, pensions and student hostels for the approximate 5,000 participants and visitors. Also, organizers must provide free accommodation for the representatives of the Balkan Federation members and for special guests.

Organizers must present in detail the international access ways (plane, train and car) and must detail the international access in the Congress location.

Preliminary budget:
Participation fee must be accessible and appropriate for the possibilities of participants in member-states. It is established in Euro.
The budget must include expenses for the promotion of the Congress, leaflets, printed materials, translations necessary in the languages of member states, Congress kits, etc.

The translation of the texts as well as the simultaneous translation shall be provided for the duration of Congress by Apimondia Foundation (FIITEA). In this respect, a Contract will be signed with the local organizers. Simultaneous translation expenses must include all technical facilities (translation booths, sufficient number of headphones, sound equipment, etc.). FIITEA shall provide support to the organizers also in other areas per request.

For the purpose of diminishing expenses, young volunteers will be used from the personnel that provides secretarial duties and order during Congress works.

Sponsorships and alternative resources:
Organizers shall anticipate the possibility of local or international sponsorships. Also, alternative resources resulting from rent-payment for exhibit space should be taken into account, as well as from the catering companies that will provide meals in the location of Congress and last but not least any governmental support or local authorities support.

Development of Congresses:
The topics of Congresses may be similar or different from one Congress to another based on regional interests. This provides flexibility in considering the interests of beekeepers at the time. Topics shall be decided by mutual agreement by the management of the Federation consisting in the representatives of member states.

Each session (meeting) shall be led by a president, assisted by a secretary in the organizing country, specialized in the respective field. The Secretary shall collect the works for presentation and make sure all technical equipment necessary is provided (video-projectors, etc). The topics for the first Congress shall focus on 1) marketing, marketing facilities for bee products both within the region and in the EU and other areas; 2) beekeeping education; 3) product hygiene; 4) diminishing substances not accepted for import purposes; 5) new beekeeping technologies.

Participation fee shall be unique, irrespective of participation in one or all Congress activities, and shall include free access to Balkanexpo. The exhibition shall be open to public visits for a daily fee.

The Guide was approved by the
General Assembly of Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Associations on
April 28, 2006.