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List of Scientific Reports on Congress Commissions.
First Congress of Balkan Federation of Apicultural Associations

Bee Biology -Pathology Commission - President Petru Moraru - Romania
  1. Dr. Sibel Silici - Mould Inhabitation in Different Fruit Juices By Propolis - Turkey.
  2. Prof. Dr. Kalinka Gurgulova - Varroasis control in the Republic of Bulgaria – Bulgaria.
  3. Hissin A.Al-Katheri - Bee Pests in Yemen – Yemen.
  4. Assist. Dr. Ivanka Zhelyazkova - Influence of the veterinary medicinal product “Startovit” and carbohydrate food “Apitonus” on the colony productivity parameters – Bulgaria.
  5. Dr. Ahmad Al Ghamdi - Honey Bee Disease, Pests and Predators in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia.
  6. Dr. Bogdan Poncea – Andronescu - Volatile oil based alternative method for fighting varoosis – Romania.
  7. Dr. Hicham Alrouz - Control of Waxmoth with Parasite – Syria.
  8. Doc. Dr. Banu Yucel - The Effects of using Different Organic Acids for against Varroa (Varroa Jacobsoni Q.) Treatment on Colony performances of Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) - Turkey.
Pollination & Bee Flora - Melliferous Basis Commission – President – Prof. Dr. Hrisula Kiprijanovska, Republic of Macedonia
  1. Nicoleta Ion - Results concerning the melliferous characteristics of the sunflower hybrids cultivated in Romania - Romania.
  2. Ns. Dr. Petar Vathev - Медопродуктивность некоторых клонов белой акации (Robinia Pseudoacacia L.)
  3. Viorel Ion - Results regarding the flowering stage at the sunflower hybrids cultivated in Romania – Romania.
  4. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khambash –Bee plants Flora in Yemen – Yemen.
Apitherapy Commission - President Dr. Tzeko Ivanov – Bulgaria
  1. Dr. Tseko Ivanov - Apitherapy in Bulgaria.
  2. Doc. Dr. Banu Yucel -The Physicochemical Properties of Turkish Honeydew Honey – Turkey.
  3. Doc. Dr. Nuray Şahinler – Factors Affecting on Hydroxyl Methyl furfural and Diastase Number” - Turkey.
  4. Cristina Mateescu - New Apitherapeutics in Romania - Romania.
  5. Dr. Stefan Stangaciu – Prevention and Treatment of Allergies and other Adverse Reactions to Bee Products, including Bee Venom - Romania.
  6. Dr. Evgeny Petkov - Bee pollen application of patients suffering from android obesity – Bulgaria.
  7. Cristina Mateescu - Correlation between the pollen contents, polyphenolic spectrum and the antioxidant action of various types of monofloral honeys – Romania.
Beekeeping Marketing Commission – President Ziya Şahin, Turkey
  1. Prof. Dr. Gamze Saner – A research on production of Bee products and its marketing strategies in Turkey and World – Turkey.
  2. Doc. Dr. A. İhsan Öztürk - The past and the future of the Turkey’s Beekeeping – Turkey.
  3. Prof. Dr. Muhsin Doğaroğlu - The beekeeping potential of Turkey – Turkey.
  4. M. Köseoğlu – The Current Scene of Turkish Beekeeping – Turkey.
EU Integration Strategy Commission – President – Gerasimos Kragias, Greece
  1. Maria Bisti – The European Union’s world’s honey market. Imports and exports. The Hellenic apicultural sector - Greece.
  2. Prof. Dr. Hrisula Kiprijanovska, Republic of Macedonia - Farmers innovations in the beekeeping sector in Macedonia – Republic of Macedonia
  3. Carmen Antonescu - Harmonisation of the quality control of Romanian bee products according to the European Union requirements – Romania.
  4. Dr. Irena Dzimrevska - Challenges and dilemmas in the approximation of the legislation related to the beekeeping sector in Macedonia in the EUpre–accession period - Republic of Macedonia.
  5. Spyros Skareas – Beekeeping Advisory: The Greek Example - Greece
Beekeeping Technology Commission – President Dr. Slavomir Popovic - Serbia
  1. Ns. Dr. Plamen Hristov – Устройство и метод работы с универсальным улем для выращивания пчелных маток – Bulgaria.
  2. Prof. Dr. Meral Kence – Causes and consequences of seasonal variation of phosphoglucomutase (Pgm) enzyme polymorphism in honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) of Turkey.
  3. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khanbash – Honey Flora in Yemen.
  4. Prof. Dr. Peter Nentchev - Dependence of the morphological characteristics of the bee venom gland of the honey bee on the parameters of the four tergit – Bulgaria.
  5. Prof. Dr. Hrisula Kiprijanovska - Innovation in the beekeeping sector in Kuimanovo region in the Republic of Macedonia – Macedonia.
  6. Petru Moraru - The effect of proteic feeding for growth-stimulation to honey bee colonies in spring season – Romania.
  7. Cecilia Radoi - Researches on some morfometrical characters of Romanian honeybee Apis mellifica carpatica - Romania.
  8. Eng. Ilya Tsonev – Good beekeeping practices – system for protection of bee products from pollution - Bulgaria.
  9. Guresoaie Ion - Tests on a proteic biostimulator as food for bees - Romania.
  10. Rahşan İvgin – Determination of genetic variation and differentiation in Honey Bees of Turkey and Bulgaria.